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1001 things to spot in the town, Milbourne, Anna.1001 things to spot on the farm, Doherty, Gillian.1 2 3, Clark, Lesley.A b c, Clark, Lesley.ABCs, Harper, Charley.ABC word book, Scarry, Richard.A de alfabeto, Salas, Michele.A dozen dogs, Ziefert, Harriet.Ah-choo, Taylor-Butler, Christine.Aliens love underpants, Freedman, Claire.Alphapets, Ross, Mandy.Always and forever, Durant, Alan.Animales de la A a la Z, Coutinhas, Joao.Animals, Orzáez Alberquilla, María Luisa.A piece of cake, Murphy, Jill.Aprendo con Topo Tip, Campanella, Marco.Bad habits!, Cole, Babette.Bedtime, little monsters!, Harris, Emma.Bimba's ABC, Villalba, Ana.Bob, the busy beaver, Antón, Rocío.Body Parts, Orzáez Alberquilla, María Luisa.Butterfly, Inkpen, Mick.Camilla, the foreign iguana, Antón, Rocío.Camilla the zebra, Núñez, Marisa.Chocolate, Núñez, Marisa.Clucky in the garden of mirrors, Pavón, Mar.Colours, Orzáez Alberquilla, María Luisa.Come on; Daisy, Simmons, Jane.Drinks & Sweets, Orzáez Alberquilla, María Luisa.Eleven adventures ladies, Oli.El gran libro de las palabras, Scarry, Richard.Elmer, McKee, David.Elmer and butterfly, McKee, David.Elmer and Wilbur, McKee, David.El perro Sultán, Crossley, David.Emergency Vehicles, Brooks, Felicity.Felix, the fear collector, Casalderrey, Fina.Fruits, Orzáez Alberquilla, María Luisa.Going on a plane, Civardi, Anne.Goodnight everyone, Morton, Lone.Good night, Spot, Hill, Eric.Happy birthday!, Risk, Mary.Home, Pratt, Pierre.Home, sweet home, Roffey, Maureen.Hop on pop, Seuss, Dr.How to catch a star, Jeffers, Oliver.Huckle's opposites, Scarry, Richard.I Am King!, Packard, Mary.I don't want to go to bed!, Sykes, Julie.I love you, little monkey, Durant, Alan.I'm a Princess, Hall, Kirsten.I'm too big, Morton, Lone.In a minute, McNicholas, Shelagh.I want a sister, Ross, Tony.I want my banana, Risk, Mary.I want my potty, Ross, Tony.I Won´t Bite, Campbell, Rod.Joe's showboat ; The queens's cream tea ; The runaway train, Yates, Irene.Jungle Street hide-and-seek, Fox, Diane.Karen and mummy's bump, Slegers, Liesbet.Karen goes shopping, Slegers, Liesbet.Karen in the summertime, Slegers, Liesbet.Karen in the wintertime, Slegers, Liesbet.Karen moves house, Slegers, Liesbet.Karen's baby brother, Slegers, Liesbet.Karen stays with Sophie, Slegers, Liesbet.La gota Julia, Pérez Aguada, Kaira.Laura's star, Baumgart, Klaus.Learn the colours!, Husar, Stéphane.Leer y tocar, Carle, Eric.Let's dance, Genechten, Guido van.Let's Have a Party, Genechten, Guido van.Let's play in the snow, Genechten, Guido van.Let's play on the beach, Genechten, Guido van.Little bird takes off!, Cooper, Gill.Little miss Chatterbox, Hargreaves, Roger.Little miss Christmas, Hargreaves, Roger.Little miss Dotty, Hargreaves, Roger.Little miss Late, Hargreaves, Roger.Little miss Scatterbrain, Hargreaves, Roger.Little miss Star, Hargreaves, Roger.Los animales y Topo Tip, Campanella, Marco.Los opuestoros, García Schwetzer, Sebastián.Lúa's opposites, Villalba, Ana.Madrid, Figuerola, Mercedes.Maisy goes camping, Cousins, Lucy.Margaret, the greedy magpie, Antón, Rocío.Michelle, the shy frog, Antón, Rocío.Mr. Happy, Hargreaves, Roger.Mr. Men, Hargreaves, Roger.Mr. Nosey, Hargreaves, Roger.Mr. Prickles, LaReau, Kara.Mr. Tickle, Hargreaves, Roger.My Best Friend, Namm, Diane.My Birthday Cake, George, Olivia.My very first book of shapes, Carle, Eric.Naughty and Nice, Ziefert, Harriet.Nica=Nicky, Ross, Tony.Nice Wheels, Hooks, Gwendolyn.Numbers, Orzáez Alberquilla, María Luisa.Olivia saves the circus, Falconer, Ian.One lucky duck, Maloney, Alison.Oomph!, McNaughton, Colin.Open me-- I'm a dog!, Spiegelman, Art.Orange Pear Apple Bear, Gravett, Emily.Oto's first words, Villalba, Ana.Owl babies, Waddell, Martin.Paco, Carballeira, Paula.Peace at last, Murphy, Jill.Peepo!, Ahlberg, Janet.Pet shop, Abbott, Simon.Pirate Patch and the message in a bottle, Impey, Rose.Plain and Fancy, Ziefert, Harriet.Pocket treasury, Hargreaves, Roger.Red, stop! Green, go!, Eastman, P. D.Ruby flew too!, Emmett, Jonathan.Sheriff Showoff ; Up Jumped Mr Crump, Gifford, Clive.Silly Suzy Goose, Horácek, Petr.Snowy, the brave rabbit, Antón, Rocío.Spot can count, Hill, Eric.Spot goes to school, Hill, Eric.Spotty Brolly, Lodge, Jo.Ten marching ants, Wisasa, Cheewan.Tento and his friend, Alcántara, Ricardo.Tento and his shadow, Alcántara, Ricardo.Tento and his tooth, Alcántara, Ricardo.Terrible, Rubio, Gabriela.The ABCs of art, Aigner-Clark, Julie.The featherless chicken, Núñez, Marisa.The gruffalo, Donaldson, Julia.The library cat, Miyakawa, Kenji.The little white rabbit, Ballesteros, Xosé.The shy fly's house, Mejuto, Eva.The silly nanny goat, Bruno, Pep.The Three Bears, Núñez, Marisa.The Three Little Pigs, Sharratt, Nick.The ugly duckling, Marklew, Gilly.The Usborne book of nursery rhymes, Parekh, Radhi.The very small, Dunbar, Joyce.Time for Bed, Spot, Hill, Eric.Tina & Tom, Heras, Chema.Toddler Two, Suen, Anastasia.Tom Thumb, Capdevila, Roser.Un día con Topo Tip, Campanella, Marco.Up and down, Lodge, Jo.Up, up, down, Munsch, Robert N.Vet, Stockham, Jess.Well done, little bear, Waddell, Martin.What Do You See?, Gikow, Louise A.Where are Maisy's friends?, Cousins, Lucy.Where did Moon lose her laughter?, Sánchez, Miriam.Where is Maisy?, Cousins, Lucy.Where is Maisy's Panda?, Cousins, Lucy.Where's Spot?, Hill, Eric.Who ate the cake?, Adams, Susi.Wibbly Pig´s Silly Big Bear, Inkpen, Mick.Wiggle my toes and other action rhymes, Umansky, Kaye.Words and pictures, Moreno , Ana.Zea, Gay, Michel.